...vintage what?!?!

Oh, internets.
How silly you are. Asking me what the name is. I can see the confusion. It's one thing to go on about vintage, but another thing to go on about damning things, isn't it?!

So, internets, let me explain.
I am a newly engaged young woman. My to-be husband's initials are just that, D.A.M., and he uses this for everythingggggggg. Once we get married, I will be J.R.M., but there is no ring to that. So, I'm pre-emptively stealing his initials, because they will soon be mine, anyway, just with a MRS in front of them!

And, I love vintage, which we will get to eventually. Oh there's so much of that to show you, internets!

So, Vintage DAMnation it is! I kinda like it :)

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