Must Have Android Apps For Crafty Types

Dear internets, we're all on the go so very often, aren't we? And creativity can strike at a moment's notice, and sometimes...well, sometimes let's just say I'm not the best at remembering things! I need to jot-that-down or it will be g-o-n-e in three seconds. I kid you not.
Which is why I love having a smart phone (don't tell D, I told him I could go back to a non-smart-phone no problem - but I think it's finally sinking in that this thing definitely makes life easier).

Internets, I am able to do pretty much everything I can do on a regular computer on my phone. Takes a bit longer sometimes, with a few more buttons, but in the end, totally doable.

Then, there's the Apps. I love apps. I have games. Star Wars Angry Birds, anyone? I have Facebook, because who doesn't. Same with Pandora. I have a trusty flashlight on my phone as well.

However, there are a few things that are uber-handy that one may not realize one can have! Internets, I need to show you the lovely things you have!
Sounds silly, but very true.

Please note - I run on Android, so there may be some Google-only Apps.

1) colorBuddy - I am not the best at matching colours. I've gotten better over the years, and let's just say it's taken me far too long to realize that purple does not, indeed, go with red all too well. There are ways to make it work, but Purple and Red don't go. However, with colorBuddy, I don't have to worry about it!
You open the app, drag the sight around the board to find the colour you want (the background of the app changes to that colour, so no guessing if it looks right from the t-bar-thing-y-bob). Then, select, and it will ask what kind of matching/coordinating you are looking for. It basically saves that main colour, and will pick the colours based on the colour theory you select, and can go back and forth between theories as you like, till you find one you want.
Then, internets, you can save that image to your phone! For a project I recently started, I knew I wanted a deep orange, used colorBuddy, and blam-o, found matching colours lickity-split, saved image to my phone, and was able to browse the paints for proper colours.
It's a life-saver, it really is.
Oh, and yes, it's free.

2) Instagram - I'm not the best picture-taker-person. So being able to filter my crappity-crap images to look like I tried really hard (even though I did, I swear!), is great. Plus, sharing with people and seeing what others posted? Yeah, it's cool.

3) Pinterest - Need I say more? No, seriously, it's a great pick-me-up, too. Stressed at work? Find your favorite board while taking a break and it'll perk me up. Plus, it's helpful while planning projects to have a board of inspiration with me at all times. I'm very visual, both mentally and physically, so seeing things I like, helps me plan something to make, even if it's nothing like what I'm looking at. ...internets, is that weird of me?!

4) Blogger - need I say more? :)

5) Dropbox - I can sync my pictures from my phone to my desktop, no cord, no emailing or sending files, just sync. Take a picture, next time I'm on the desktop, it will sync to the desktop. Not an issue! It is a free app, but for a small amount of space, true. However, it's going to take quite a while to use up all that space. Plus, there are things you can do to "earn" more space for free. So, I can take pictures on my phone, hop on the computer, and upload straight to a new post, no problems! You can do this, though, with any type of file you want, really, it's cloud storage, put anything you want in that bad boy and it'll be wherever you have Dropbox installed. Handy, aye?

So far, that's all I've found that's amazing, internets. If I find more, I will let you know. Until then, ttfn.

xoxo, Jess - who really couldn't live without her smart phone.


  1. Pinterest - check
    Blogger - check
    Dropbox - check
    Instagram - check
    Colour Buddy -oooh I think I'll have to check that one. I'm with you on the whole love my android smartphone thing.

    1. Ohhhh you must! I promise, it is nice. Free, and nice, even better! There's tons of options for colour theories. Only downside (that I'm not even concerned with - just from the Play Store reviews) is that you cannot enter RGB or HEX values to get colours, you have to select visually. But not a downside for crafting, in my mind! Hope you like it!! xoxo, Jess