Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Evening Plans

Tonight, I am plotting.
Of course.
And will be continuing along the path of the geekery.

I do, however, have a the March issue of Country Living sitting in front of me, and I will hopefully peruse the contents and *hopefully* will be able to find some lovely things to get excited about.

It's been far too long since I've felt crafty. Really it is.
It's only been two weeks or so, but it's killing me. The lack of coloured things floating about my brain is tremendous.
Such is how this life goes, I suppose.

After a lovely dinner out of Mexican food (no, this hasn't happened yet, but 99% of the time, the restaurant we go to is lovely) I will be coming home and tappity-tapping here and there with Code Academy again.
Because that's just how it goes.


xoxo, Jess (who is rather fond of the giant cross stitch on the cover of Country Living. Kinda want one)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

And Again.

Please excuse the extended absences. Again, I tell you, it's not on purpose. I really just haven't been doing anything colourful, nor crafty, nor anything of the like lately.
Really. Fact.

We've rearranged the living room, though, so both our desks are out here. We face opposite directions, which is weird, but can both turn around and be right in each others faces, so it's kinda silly.
Still need my own monitor, though. And to fix my desk, so it doesn't have a funny tri-level bit of business going on. D's desk looks awfully empty having only one monitor on it. Makes me sad for him.

I'm in the process of learning Python, thanks to Learn Code The Hard Way. So far so good. I'm on the giant review part in lesson 22 right now. Basically, taking a few days off of actual exercises and just reviewing and making sure that everything that has been used so far is memorized.
Also, over at Codeacademy I'm trying to refresh my HTML/CSS knowledge base. Because, well, why not.

Do I have plans for any of this?
No freaking way.
Am I super excited to be learning it?
Hell yes.

Such is life in the DAMnation. Isn't it?

xoxo, Jess (who, on a side note, highly recommends the Java Monster Irish Blend coffee drinks, if you are able to consume (and find!) such a lovely drink. It truly is delicious)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

In Which I Go Way Off Our Normal Topics

Tonight, oh dear Internets, has been a long night.
We (err, I, I guess) got off work at 3:30 in the afternoon. Came home for a few minutes, and then was off to Fry's Electronics store. Which is a lovely place if you can find one. There's only one in the state of Oregon, and there's some other places, but it's not really very common it seems.
The intended purpose of the trip was to get a new mouse, keyboard, and headset for D, so he can play computer games like a badass. Or something like that. But since he built a computer last weekend, I've been wanting to do the same.
Of course.
It's something I've wanted to do for a long time, just never had the means (nor reason) or help to do so.
But we were there tonight, and we decided, sure, I got tax money back, I can start the process of getting things to build a computer.

I came back with almost everything.
Got a sexy case for it.

It's really nothing terribly fancy, but I like the orange and the black. Orange is my favourite colour, and black is just as nice, isn't it?

I got innards. 
A motherboard, a processor (quad-core, oh yeah), and 8GB of RAM.
I didn't get a hard drive, and D says I am in need of a solid state drive. Because everything else in the computer is so damn fast, a hard drive that's a disc would be too slow!
I'm typing all of this now on said computer, and it's super duper fast. I don't even know what to do with myself, everything is loading so nicely! I highly recommend doing this. It's...amazing.

It's a sexy beast of a computer, and I'm rather fond of it, and it's only been working for about 20 minutes.

I'm in need of a monitor, but am debating just getting a small-ish sized TV if a cheap monitor cannot be found. Since it would be using an HDMI connection anyway, why not just get a TV? If it's cheaper...hell. And, when the space is right...I could mount the thing on the wall! Who doesn't want a wall-mounted computer monitor?!?
Actually, I wasn't aware I wanted one, until I thought of it. And it seemed to be a pretty nice idea.

The box shows it being red, but there are a few different colour combinations this case comes in, I guess, but obviously mine is not the red. Though I wouldn't mind that one, for sure!
And on top, left to right, is the motherboard, a stick of RAM, and the processor.

Did you know that the processor gets it's own fan?!?! I didn't know that! And did you know that the internal USB connections has enough power to turn on the power light on the front of the tower? Yeah, learned that one the hard way, having plugged the tower's front power supply stuff into the USB part and not the correct ports.
I was unattended at that point in the process.

So now I'm in need to scrounging up some money for a solid state drive, and a monitor (TV). The monitor will need to be first, as I'm currently using one of D's. He has a two-monitor set up for his desktop, which he is rather fond of, so he wants it back as soon as possible. I'm hoping to get one next weekend. If all goes well.
He was, however, alright in parting with his 80GB solid state drive for the time being.
Though, of course, I would like to upgrade (and have one of my own). 80GB is alright, that's what I have on my laptop, but at one point in time I ran out of space on that laptop!!

For now, though, I will continue doing my geeky happy dance and going on and on about how lovely my computer is.


Oh, and let's not forget to mention. I paid 330$ for what I bought today. If I had bought a 500GB hard drive (non-solid state), that would have only added another 80$ to my price.
You can buy a run-of-the-mill computer for 400$. My mom recently got a new computer, and that's what she paid.
I am in awe. I was not aware that a custom set up would be so fabulous for almost the same amount of money.
Well, until you factor in a good hard drive price. Solid state drives can be pretty pricey, but we will wait for that. Ohhh yes, yes we will.

So, half of my tax money is now in the living room, sitting on the floor, humming away (quite quietly, actually) and making me rather happy.

xoxo, Jess (who has also not yet gotten a sewing machine, but that is a tale for another day)

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Day After

Valentine's Day, dear Internets, was rather a weird day.
We are ill, you see, D and I, and so it wasn't fun from the beginning. My headaches are slowly getting worse, and if this continues I will have to go in. As much as I don't like saying that, I can no longer function correctly with these darn things, even though I hate doctors, they might have some nice medicines to try!
I had to walk home after work. Which isn't terrible. But not fun, either, especially since I was told that would be the case after we left the house - so there was no chance to get headphones to listen to music on the trek. It's 5.5 miles, takes about an hour and fourty five minutes. And all I have to hear is cars going by? Rather boring indeed!
But it had to be.
There was nothing romantic here. I brought home some Reese's Hearts (because who doesn't love chocolate and peanut butter), and we shared some. I shall be consuming the rest of them today, as I am home and D is working (my day off, for I work the weekend).
That was my Valentine's.

I certainly hope yours was filled with more chocolate and pink hearts!

I have been starting (ahh, again with the starting before finishing, I tell you) a new project, a travel bag. Something to pop things into and take along for who-knows-what. Something small, to take to work even maybe. And yet something sturdy to not have to worry if a plastic grocery bag will get a hole in it or not - because that really can ruin a day, I promise.
I believe I will be going to work on that here shortly. After the rest of the coffee has kicked in.

xoxo, Jess (who is rather not back into the creative spunk she can possess)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

And This Is Not What I Wanted To Have Happen

So, absences. Indeed, Internets, this past week has been a not very fun one.
It's been full of work and work stresses. House stresses - more about that in a bit. Headaches on the regular. Strange week-long cases of the munchies for no apparent reason. And no, we are not pregnant in the DAMnation household, thank you very much.

There has been no creativity, sadly, no happy moments (except for today, which we will also get to later), and nothing exciting really.
I've scoured Pinterest a few times,and kept up on the blogs, just to be trying to find something. But, not much has come up really. Lots of things that are lovely, to be sure, but nothing that has set fire to my little creative bits.

It's rather depressing, yes, I know, and I don't mean to be a downer, just the brain has been on other subjects, and I'm not rather fond of it.

We've had house stresses. With tax returns coming back, and the hope of saving more money, we get to the ideas that it's going to be house-buying in the near future. Not very near, but near enough we finally need to get down to what we need to do.
We're not sure, at this point, which is correct. To get a loan first. Or to find a house to buy first. But at this point, we can do neither, so we are going to be calling upon family with houses for advice.

And today's excitement was that of D buying computer parts to build (another) computer. He has a laptop and a desktop (and a non-working server-ish thing), and now has the parts to build another. Since his old desktop is going to be a server. No clue what to be done with the non-working one, but that's his story not mine. But it's rather exciting, for sure.
This is something I would like to do, also (build a computer, that is), but it's not in the financial cards right now. So, it won't happen yet. I will be content with my old laptops, and wish for a money tree.

There are such things as money trees, right?!

xoxo, Jess (who really just needs to start something, and see where she gets with it, failure or not)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sufficient Things

So, I'm supposed to be getting a fake "dressing room" in  our giant closet. It's slow goings. The other day, however, I got a little mirror in there, so there is progress! I am in need of a much nicer one, though. Something, err, larger.

Because however lovely it is, to find something halfway suitable for 1$, it is only halfway suitable. Actually, it's not even really anything good. But enough to pretend with for now.

I also had a nice revelation. Well, a continuation of a revelation.
Pretty dishware does not need to stay in the kitchen.
I have my cup of hair accessories in the bathroom - which is working out quite nicely, other than the bobby pins fall to the bottom while the elastics remain on top.
And now, we have a corningware in the closet!
Err, dressing room, not closet.

You see it here, holding my nail polish.
Granted, it's not on of my favourites. It has some pretty white, blue, and yellow floral stuff going on. It's just the right height, though, to hold and still be able to see the colours.
Oh, and the cup in the dish. That has jewelery.
Which I need to wear more often.

I need a bigger dresser. To put more stuff on.
And a light. Because the one in the closet is terrible.
And a great mirror. Of course they had the perfect thing at Ikea, but it sadly could not come home with us when we went.

xoxo, Jess (you seriously can never have too much vintage dishware, can you?)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Skirting The Issue

Today, Internets, I learned a few things.

1) When your mom says she wants pajamas for her birthday, and you suggest going out shopping for her (with her) for her birthday, she will indeed only have pajamas on her mind. The idea of looking at other clothes does not come to mind - even though they are still having their 40% off lowest marked price sale.

2) Telling you fiance that no it's fine, you stay at your cousin's house as long as you want apparently means stay forever, it's fine, I didn't want to go home any time soon anyway. Even though said fiance was more than willing to come home multiple times...saying that you don't want to take him away from family time is good enough reason of any to stay!

3) Taking pictures of black lace skirts 6:30 at night is not fun. Especially with the lighting in our apartment.

I got some rubbish pictures of a lovely skirt I got today. The length is perfect - and doesn't make me look short, which a lot of skirts do. The fit is great (thank goodness for elastic waistbands). Yes, that sounds terrible, doesn't it, but I can never (and more than likely never will) find any other kind of skirt that fits me properly.
It's got a very pale (skin-tone for me!) slip-type thing underneath, and over that is a lovely floral lace black skirt. I'm rather fond of it.

And yes, it twirls about properly. I tried!

Sadly, that is probably the best picture I got of it, to show how lovely it is. Please excuse the glare from the camera flash. It was very dark! I tried to cut most of it out, but the rings are still there. At least there's not a bright orb of light at the top anymore?

It really is a lovely thing. Very dainty for a not-very-dainty person!
Now the only issue is I am not sure I anything quite nice enough to wear with it! Oh well. It's time will come.

xoxo, Jess (who is waiting at home...hoping someone will have thought about dinner foods on their way home)