Monday, December 24, 2012

In Which I Show You Some Space

Dear internets,
You are a lovely place, and I spend far too much time in your loveliness, which is not how this is supposed to work. I am supposed to be able to see pretty things you have to offer, and then take all that inspiration and make good things from it. That's how this out to work, right??
Well, apparently not. No, no, no, not one bit.
Internets, we have an issue.
This is what my desk looks like. For now, lets just focus on the desk. Yes, we have two (only!!) finished projects hanging out. One is that wooden tray in the middle left, it has it's bottom papered, and I love it. And the second is the picture frame on top of the stereo. It also has some decorative paper in it that I colored and made pretty-er. Thank goodness for gel pens and glue!
Damn you and your pesky ways. Oh, and yes, that is all dirty laundry on the floor. And clean laundry in the hamper. And yarn in bags under the desk, and some vintage finds on the left of the desk. 
I cannot believe, dear internets, that you are letting me share this ugliness on your face!! Oh heavens! Well, I suppose this is how it's going to be. 

Dear internets, excuse my hastiness. I love you so muchly. I am on your Pinterest and I love that dearly. I am oh so excited to get started on the things I have been finding!! 
However, this is the state of current affairs!! It's all over the house! I have a moose to crochet, and this is what is bugging me the most! Not that I have NO pattern for said moose, oh no, that will be fine, but the part about how I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what to do with this mess!

So, because of a few blogs (here and here) that I found while browsing your loveliness, I am going to have a clean up. 'Bout right. 'Bout time, as well. 

Dear internets, let me go for the evening, I will post this to your face, and I will turn off the lappybook and I will be done with this. For now. I need to clean and sort. I need to make fudge for Christmas, to take to my fiance's momma's house, and I need to take a shower, because I'm filthy. And then, tomorrow, I shall return to you and your Pinteresty ways. 

Oh internets, how I love you.
xoxo, Jessica

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