Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Reverse Psychology, Loves

Dear Internets,
You may be wondering why my first entry to your pretty face was a disgusting picture of my bedroom. Well, I'll explain. You see, there's a theory I heard in high school - you earn crap grades first semester, so then the rest of the year, when you actually try and get better grades, it seems like you've improved. Even though you were really slacking off at first.

Now, dears, I am not "slacking off" as it happens. I'm just terrible at keeping house. I'll show you around some more here shortly, and with more images, I assure you.
But, I want to share, oh internets, what a sad state I am truly in. And then share with you what a lovely state I *wish* I was in. And then plaster all over your face the middle ground I end up upon. That's how this is going to work, I imagine!

Now, let me introduce to you the reason the clothes were all over the floor...It's because, you won't believe this, internets, the closet looked like this:
Now, I dunno about you, but it doesn't look too inviting in there, does it? No, not in the slightest. 

Internets, don't laugh, but yes that is a mattress in our closet. When combining two separate households into one, I hear these things happen.  We just haven't disposed of the manly mattress yet. We are keeping mine, because I have a fancy knock-off TempurPedic variety, that is quite comfy and new, while his is old-fashioned-boxed-spring-variety and rather old. So yes, his mattress is in the closet for now. And so is everything else apparently!

After some magic fairy dust, clothing being purged (mine only), and the walkway cleared and my crappity-crap cleared up, here is the finished article: 

Which, dear internets, is a huge improvement. You cannot see it, but you can actually STEP into it now! Like, walk! Without stepping on anything! And my clothes that are on the top shelves are organized into stacks, I promise!
There is a box on the right for tanktops, a box in the middle for unmentionables (underwear, I suppose you could say), and the box on top for socks. Then a stack for pants, pajamas, and skirts.

So, of course, clearing out the closet helped me find things I forgot I had, so the desk situation has not improved much: 
However, I can walk up to it! So, there is that.

Internets, can I ask you something? WHY is it I feel the need to hang on to FOUR different pairs of sunglasses?! This amazes me. I live in OREGON. It RAINS here, 9 months out of the year. Sunglasses are really only useful from the months of April (if we're lucky!) till September (again, if we're lucky), so why FOUR?
...well, I'm not sure either, honestly! But, there you go.

Until we meet again, which I'm sure will be shortly, because I have multiple other things I need to share with you! Oh I've got a list and everything! Yes, internets, I'm actually making a list of things I want to share with you! You ought to feel special!

xoxo, Jess (who is honestly planning her next three posts as she types this)

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