Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Additions!

Ohhhh, Internets, I'm so excited!!! The vintage dress I purchased on Etsy finally arrived! It took farrrr too long (I purchased on the 13th, and the listing said would only take 1 - 3 days to get out...postage was dated the 21st!) but I'm so glad it's finally here! I had to ask the seller what the sizing was, because they listed nothing of the sort in the posting and, to my luck, it was my size! Well, as close to my size as any dress can get!
The picture makes it a bit hard to tell, bathroom light and all (and please excuse the toothbrushes and whatnot!), but it's more orange-y than it looks. It's a lovely paisely print, and I'm in love with it. The bust is a bit loose, because I lack in that area, but from the waist down, it has a good fit. 
There is some pleats right under the waist-line, which is nice, because I have a bit of a tummy, which is why I do not wear dresses. But with the pleating, it's almost like it's not a big deal! Well, as big of a deal. There is no bulging, let's put it that way!

Oh internets, I am so very happy! I have never liked wearing dresses, but got an itching for a vintage one, so browsed Etsy (and eBay - which was terrible) and found this lovely number. D said to just get it, I wanted it, so get it. In my cart it went, and bam, now it's here!
I'm not sure what I'll wear it for, and at this point I don't even care! I love it with far too much of my soul right now!

A few weeks ago I picked up another dress at Goodwill for a few dollars, it has a nice vintage feel to it, but I'm sorry to say it is not very old at all.

It doesn't have a waist-banding-area like the orange/brown dress does, but it has a nice collar, and a button down top. The pattern is very geometric and the colours have that old vibe to them. 

Oh internets, now only to find the rest of a vintage wardrobe, and I will be higher than the moon! No really, I would be! I want all of it! I have mighty plans for these clothes, you see, I would love to be able to wear these types of things every day.
There is a lady upon you, internets, her name is Twila Jean and I love her style. I also want her bright red hair. I've actually wanted to dye mine that colour for a few years now, just haven't had the chance (it's not a natural hair colour, therefore not work-appropriate; bah humbug!).
I would like to be able to dress like that at least once in a while, for now, anyway, and work my way up!
And thank goodness internets, that you are here to help me! Lovely situation we have, isn't it! 

And yes, internets, that picture of the dress hanging on the door is on Instagram. You don't have to rub it in! I'm not a good picture take-r! Not yet, anyway. Need to fine tune a things, but until then, this will have to do. 

xoxo, Jessica (who is trying to think of a reason to wear a pretty dress)

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