Saturday, January 5, 2013

Disappointment and Successes. Yes. Together.

Dear Internets, who have led me astray, I have acquired a curling iron.
Therefore, I tried victory rolls.
I was not successful. I spent a solid 45 minutes last night trying, and then still more time this morning. The only real successful thing I got out of it was this.

It's not much, and it certainly isn't a victory roll. However,it really isn't too terrible. It's hard to take a picture of, and whatnot, but hopefully you get the idea.

And that picture was taken as I type this with the webcam on my laptop. Again, not the best, at all, but the concept is there.

But still, nowhere near victory rolls. I even watched youtube videos on my phone, curling iron and hairspray in hand! And no success. My hair is too flat and thin. I think I need mousse. Would that help any? Internets, I have no idea, and you made it all look so easy. Shame on you!
Oh I forgive you Internets, no shames on you, it isn't your fault really. Just all your fabulous people have built-in-awesome hair, ready-made for this type of thing. Mine is not.
Such is my luck.

And yes, it is covered in hairspray. It's managed to stay all day. I got the extreme hold variety, or whatever it is, number 10, super duper strong. So not only is my hair up and pinned in place and still not correct, it's all crunchy. Lovely. Ya, no, not quite.

The rest of the day (well, the bulk of the day) was spent cleaning. The bathroom got done (finally -  been meaning to do that for far too long) and D did the closet. Well,  his part of the closet. And the mattress is finally out!
This is the final result. For now.

There's a dresser in my closet! Who'd'a "thunk" it was possible?!?!? Not I!
It, however,  is not storing clothes.
The bottom drawer has all of my "boy" t-shirts in it. You know, the type that have Batman symbols and Family Guy and whatnot on them. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them, but I'm not planning on wearing them, but want to make a project with them. I've  considered doing a fake quilt - but that won't be until after I get a sewing machine.
The second drawer has craft supplies in it. Of all varieties. Basically, the catch-all drawer of my crafting life.
The top drawer has projects that I've started that I'm not super fond of but would like to finish but aren't near the top of any list of things I'm working on.
Then there's a gym-type bag next to it in the corner that contains two started blankets that I'm nowhere in the mood to work on.

That's my crafty life. I start things and then get bored - or find something wayyyy better to work on.

Meanwhile, because of this clean out, the rest of the house is in shambles.

The living room pile has less stuff in it, at least? It's just grown in floor-real-estate.
And the bedroom/desk pile has lost a dresser! But it is, also, far too messy to be anywhere near done.

There's lots left I want to do with these spaces. Just not sure exactly how to start them. Hrm, imagine that, Internets, I'm not sure how to start something.
Ain't that backwards!

xoxo, Jess (who really just wants a nap - but doesn't want to sacrifice made-up hair)

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