Friday, January 4, 2013


Not my image - found via Google Images - source here

We're on vacation! It started today at 4pm (the 4th at 4, what luck!) and we are off until the 14th, but let's not think of that yet!
And no, we're not going to some sandy beach with hammocks and such. I wish! We are far too broke for that - plus we're saving up for a wedding and a house and such, so a beach vacation is out of the picture!

However, the concept is there - away from work, enjoying time together and away from the regular hub-ub of regular day-to-day life...ahhhh....I'm relaxing just thinking about it! Plus, the Holiday rush is over, so it's a chance to take a deeeeeep breath after all of that. Our jobs get very hectic around the Holidays, so I think a rest after all that is going to be lovely.

We have no solid plans as of yet. We are going to be going up to D's parents' house sometime during the week. But we're wanting to wait until after he's gotten the gun that he ordered online. We're not sure when it's going to show up, but hopefully soon! We've been waiting for it since the week before Christmas.
Though, I guess tomorrow we have a plan - we're going to one of D's work friends' house for a "fiesta". We're not sure why it's called a "fiesta" - he had no explanation for that, but we'll see what happens!

Tonight, however, is bagels.
That sounds silly.
But the decision this morning was to have bagels for dinner. Which sounds delightful. Bagels are delicious.

But vacation! It's very exciting! We've been waiting for it since the end of September, that's when we asked for this span of time off, and it seems like it's been so long since then!
No sandy beaches for us, though. At home it's nowhere near beachy, either. It's been rather frigid out, but slowly warming up. It finally rained (saying "finally" for rain in Oregon is ridiculous, by the way) so it's starting to get back to a normal January temperature.
No, our view, if any, is off our back porch.

And it's not very good, at that.
 There's a few trees to look at, and seeing as it's 5 o'clock already, it's getting dark out. Our porch is rather small.
And covered in leaves still, actually.
If you look carefully, you can tell the leaves right underneath the fence are gone - they've raked those up. But the piles are huge on the porch still. Ridiculous! But oh well, I suppose.  It's a closed-off porch, so wouldn't want random people climbing over it anyway!

I'm not sure exactly what I'm hoping to accomplish this week, but hopefully it will be a lot. A week off from work, ya, should be able to at least come close to finishing something!

xoxo, Jess (whose week is going to fly by, she can already tell)