Friday, January 25, 2013

Finally, It Has Been Done

Today, dear Internets, finally...

The magic that is the Ikea was entered. I've lived back in the Portland area for a little over three years, and have never went in this lovely place until today.
Of course, walking in, was very confused. But figured the elevator was a good hint as to where to go. We picked up a map, and it was not very helpful, but cute indeed.

There are arrows on the floor that tell you where to go! They light up! It was adorable!

All the tales and sights of other places on the Internets have spoken of the greatness that is The Ikea. And now I understand it entirely! I've seen the catalog before (and tore out quite a few pages of lovely vignettes), and was in love as it was. But in person? Oh, so much better.

We didn't really have anything we needed there. But D managed to get the day off, and it was my day off already. We were in need of something to do, and the joke of the morning was we needed a new couch, to be able to rearrange the living room, so his desk would be in a better spot (neverminding the fact that I work (tappity-tapping is work!) in the middle of the living room floor). So, Ikea seemed a fitting field trip.

There were so many lovely things inside, I wished I had more money and more space! But when we get a house, we will be back, oh yes.

A few things I loved entirely, though, are as follows.

This was, actually, in the a little girls' room set up, but it is perfect! Even the pink chair pad is just right! And, even though it's a kids' size furniture, the height was good. Which is odd, but oh well! The oval mirror, the slightly bendy legs, oh yes, just for me.

Just a pillow, but the embroidery is fabulous! There were also some lampshades later on that were very similar to this I loved as well. I have a feeling I will be attempting something similar at some point. After I finish a few other things, of course!

And this is what came home with me.

Cheese grater! With two sides! And a lid! So you can grate cheese in the bowl,  and put the lid on, and have grated cheese pre-done! And it has two graters, therefore less washing! Err, we use a lot of grated cheese. And hand-washing the grater we have now isn't necessarily the easiest task. This will for sure make life so much easier! It's a funny blue colour, but that is alright. It's usefulness outweighs the blue.

And a coffee press! I've been searching and searching for a lovely little tea pot. There were two actual tea pots at Ikea, neither of which were very attractive, and a few basic carafes and some tea kettles. I, however, had not realized that a tea pot is not intended to heat the water (silly me, I am aware - never having a tea pot before does this to a person, I suspect). A coffee press is also not intended to actually warm the water. But, oh Internets, it will serve the duty I am intending it to rather well.
D and I are going to have tea with it. He said he would. And yes, I will be breaking out my white/orange cups. There will be pictures.

At the same time, I am reminded of Lucy's coffee press cozy. And Kristen's mention of a tea cozy actually lasting two hours! And since, heck, they work, and I have colourful cotton everywhere...why not! I am thinking a blue and green mix. D likes blue and green. And I like bright colours. There's a variegated Sugar'n'Cream colourway that is blue, green, aqua, and white that this will be fabulous in. Plus, since it's a coffee press and not a tea pot, construction will be much easier!

There were so many things, oh gosh, so many things I want to bring home from Ikea. When we have a house...

xoxo, Jess (who is off dreaming already)


  1. How have you not been to IKEA?I love that place. I always jump on the beds and try to read the books and pretend I live in each showroom. It's magical

  2. Erm, I suppose from never having the oppourtunity, nor need to shop for furniture. But yes, I have been missing out, that is for sure!