Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Took of Pictures of Food. And, Oddly Enough, Food Doesn't Take A Good Picture

Internets, we've been half-assing dinners all week. No really! Monday was Taco Bell - did you know they have nachoes that are over a pound in weight?!?! And so delicious! Tuesday was the sausage spaghetti. Last night was grilled cheese with tomato soup.
...erm, Internets, I don't even like soup! But it was delicious! I added cheese and spices to it, and mmm, delicious. I promise. And grilled cheese with both regular cheese and cream cheese. You really must try.
Today was calzones.
If you have not had the magic that is a calzone, you really must try it. It's In a pocket. But not a pizza pocket, because those are microwave-y nastiness. Similar to a hot pocket. And if you like comedy, look at this, because it is great and it is about hot pockets.

So, it really is a pizza with a wrapping of dough. 
We put tomato sauce (with added spices, of course, because I add spices to everything), colby jack cheese, pepperoni, spinach, and a jalapeno.

D chopped up the whole jalapeno. Then passed it off to me to put in. He did not mention the part about how he was not intending me to add all of it, therefore there is a whole jalapeno in my calzone.
And it was delicious anyway.
Spicy as can be, but delicious.

Oh. And we used a Pillsbury thin crust roll out dough and I suggest the thin dough for sure. Since you end up eating two layers, a regular thickness of crust would be a bit too much.

The above pictures are of how I *wanted* it to look. At this point in the process, the outside was fully cooked, my cheese was melted, and the bottom was a nice golden brown.
I also took pictures to show how I made my pocket. Because it's an envelope of dough! It comes in a rectangle, and put all the pizza parts in the middle, and folded the corners in, like an envelope. Then put cheese on the top, to help seal it together. And it worked fabulously!

Annnnd, this is what we ended up having it look like. A bit messy. And yes, we had to put it back in the oven after the first pictures were taken - very doughy in the middle. So, very cooked cheese (but still good) and much more golden crust. But delicious.

I promise! And, it has spinach and a jalapeno in it, so that counts for vegetables, right??

xoxo, Jess (who is far too proud of her throwing-together-of-dinner-ideas)

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