Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hearts and Bubbles and Pink or Something

Internets, there's lots going on about regarding Valentine's Day. My Pinterest is filling up with pink and red and hearts and whatnot. Well, not my account, perhaps, but those of the people I'm following. Even just a search for "Valentines" over there will garnish far too many results.
I don't really participate in Valentine's Day. D has stated he doesn't either (but that conversation will come in later in this story). This is actually (to be entirely honest) my first Valentine's being in a real relationship (especially one in which we're engaged!). So I really don't even know what's called for.
But I decided to make my own Valentine's Day. Yesterday, I decided. Of course while I was working. That's really when I think of some awesome things, when I'm off at work doing the menial things they have me do. So I jotted down  some notes - things to get, how to set it up, all that jazz.
Today, D and I went off to The Dollar Tree. Which is a fabulous place. Well, if you want cheap things, and of a not terribly sturdy quality. Actually, I hadn't been there in quite a long time, but was reminded of it's gloriousness recently thanks to a blog post from A Sort of Fairytale in which she organizes her linen closet with bins and such from the Dollar Store with fabulous results!

Anyway. To the exciting parts.
I haven't collected all of my "props", have you, but as we were looking about, I told D I wanted to "make Valentine's Day" and he was concerned it would include him, and that he doesn't play Valentine's Day.  Well, it doesn't really concern him - other than he will be sharing with me in the delicious things we will have to consume. But again, more 'bout that later.

So far, I've actually got most of what I need.

 Yes, I bought fake flowers. But for a dollar for each, and they're so colourful, and they will never die! I've not gotten a green thumb, and real flowers get awfully expensive, considering they die not soon after you get them home...these can serve purpose for now, and years from now.

 Plastic wine glasses - why yes, yes I will. They also had the reverse colouring in these as well (clear with red hears), but D said he liked these better, so home they came.

 Can't have Valentine's without little chalk-hearts-with-sayings.
Seriously, though,  you can't. It's impossible. I've tried. It's just not right to at least not have one box of these this time of year.
And yes, 1$ for the four pack.

Fake flowers, popped in a half-gallon mason jar. Honestly, I think they're great.

I'm not done yet, no. I plan on creating a little "vignette" of Valentine's...and I still need a bubble beverage of our choice.
Which, is actually this...

Not my Image - Via here
We aren't really drinkers of the alcoholic variety, and this stuff is delicious anyway.

Until the planning is complete...I think I shall leave you Internets with the idea of plotting your own Valentine's. Whether there's a love for the holiday or not, I really do think you should get at least one box of the conversation hearts. It's worth it.

xoxo, Jess (who is off to find the rest of her "props" - or make them!)


  1. Anything is what you make it, so make it good! I will not patronize a florist or restaurant on that day, but I love to cheer up the house with pink and red. It's a fun something to do in the middle of an otherwise dreary month, so have fun!

    1. You have a good point! I do enjoy decorating, so it will be fun, even though short-lived!!

  2. Bleurgh, Valentine's. Should be shot :P

    1. I used to think the same thing. But they put chocolate on sale for it, so it can't be too terrible in the end.