Monday, January 28, 2013

Orange Deliciousness

Last night, Internets, we had tea. It's D's fault. He asked. Which is silly, considering he had tea when we had lunch. I had no idea he enjoyed it so much!

Now, I have a feeling, a coffee press is not intended to be used for bagged tea. I mean, you could, but defeats the purpose of the press. I had the strange idea to just take it out of the bag and dump it in the bottom. It would work out alright, right?
I was sort of right.
And sort of wrong.

It had floaties. Not of the icky variety, just of the mini-tea-leaf variety. Of which D is not partial. I'm not really either. If that makes us sissies, so be it I suppose!

But I finally got to use my cups! I love the handles on these. And they're very easy to hold, no matter how you try. The shape is perfect. They are just the right size, too, really. A bit small, therefore good for a refill, but not too small to where you drink it too fast. And certainly not too big to where you end up having cold tea.

I had intended to make a little cozy for it before we had tea, but someone decided otherwise. 'tis alright, I suppose.

D even said he likes the cups! Which is amazing, considering most of the things I like that are all vintage-y, he only says are cool because I like them. But he seemed genuine in his liking, so I'll take it as a good sign.

This is D, and he's trying to be fancy (with his pinky-finger out, you see).

I'm so glad, though, I've finally gotten to use those little cups. Now to use the rest of them!

xoxo, Jess (who will probably not be dumping out the tea bags next time)


  1. Nothing better than a cup of tea to end off the day

  2. This is what we have happily discovered. :)