Monday, January 7, 2013

It was Rainy and Windy and Foggy but we Survived

Internets, I feel D and I are a bit looney. Not in a bad way, just...looney.
Let me explain. We did not know what to do, remember?
So I asked if he wanted to go to California. He said no - he wanted to get his gun when it got here, and it would be rather cold on the way South. I asked him if he wanted to go to the beach, and he said sure, which one.

So, we packed up the dog and some stuff and jumped in the car and went.
This is on our way out 26,I think. Pretty sure. Oh and the timestamp on that image is 9:50 in the evening. I'm serious! And that's basically just heading out!

And the fog. Oh my goodness. No seriously. It was ridiculous. There were parts where one could only see barely farther than a few feet directly in front of the car. Was a little crazy.

We got to Seaside. Went a little farther north and got onto the beach. I'd share some pictures of that, other than there was far too much wind and rain to have taken any pictures of anything.
Such is the coast in Oregon in January. Or any part of the year other than July and August.

Then we drove down to Tillamook. There was a plan to just sleep in the car. Why not, right? But by the time we got to Tillamook it was, well I really don't know what time it was, but think it  had to do with 1 AM.
But someone, and I won't say who, was averse to the idea of sleeping in the car. So we stayed at this place called Ashley Inn. It was comfy, I suppose, and the bathroom was huge - why can't real bathrooms be the size of hotel bathrooms?!?
Not my image - via here

And then we were out by 8:30.
And went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory, yay!

Actually, it's not very awesome, because you don't get to see them making cheese. You get to see them boxing up cheese and suctioning it into packaging for aging, and you see them breaking it into bricks from a block and that's about it. It's very misleading.
But, it's free to get in. And you can sample the squeaky cheese! Which is delicious. We also found a new cheese that we did not buy, because it was ridiculously expensive, but we are going to need to have sometime soon. "Hot Habenero Jack Cheese" it was. Of course we sampled it, and of course we wanted it, but it was 4$ for 8 oz,  and that is not a lot of cheese, the way we go through it. There was a sampler pack, of four 8 oz cheeses, in their specialty flavors, that came with a tiny wooden cutting board, but it was 21$. We can buy 4 half-bricks of cheese for that.
Damn you Tillamook and being so expensive!

And then, Internets, we came home.

That was the whole of it.

And gosh, I realize I'm horrible at taking pictures, but damn this one is really bad.

...needless to say, we slept all afternoon. In our own bed. And it was good.

I've got secret plans that I'm attempting to hatch, that I need to go procure. Hopefully will have something to show for it soon!

xoxo, Jess (gosh darnit, there really need to be better instructions for doing this)

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