Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Finally, Something

Internets, I finally accomplished something. Except I'm not done yet. I have to paint the back, and then it will be done. But, really, that's all I have left.

So, we'll say I accomplished something.

I took a tray I got for Christmas, cheap little wooden thing, painted dark blue with a Christmas/snow/houses picture in the bottom and hanging hooks on the back. Terrible present - for anyone but me. I've already re-decorated two trays that I've boughten myself, so this was a good gift after all.

Tools, along with some cardstock

This one's a bit shiny, even though it's the "matte" variety of Mod Podge.

It's a Robin's Egg Blue colour for the tray, and then just cardstock and sharpie for the rest.

I'm not sure how much I like it yet.

I had original intentions of trying to make a barn  and a silo in  front of the hills, but didn't glue anything on yesterday after cutting out the pieces. They are still hanging out on the tea trolley/craft work station.
But this morning, I wasn't feeling the best, and decided that a dark pond would be better. I had intended there to be a pathway, and I suppose you could still call it that, but it looks more like a river.
Either way, it's not terrible.

I like it. Sort of.
I'm not sure yet. Internets, I haven't sold myself on my own creations. And that's alright I suppose. Can't love everything.

xoxo, Jess (who has a whole 'nother tray to do up, thank goodness)

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