Thursday, January 10, 2013

Short Things

Dear Internets, today is D's birthday. He claims that he is old, but we know this is not true. Either way, he is a year older now. That's how these things work.

Because of  this, not much time was spent wallowing around at home - as has been the case the rest of the week. The next few days will also be busy - his gun will be in tomorrow, and we will be going up to his parents' house Friday and coming back Saturday. At least this is the information I have been given. Hopefully these things will give me some cool things to show you!

Until then, I have sneak peaks. I am a terrible person, and have started another crochet project. Let's not keep track of how many I have started.
It's something I started, oh two years ago? Something like that? Well, maybe not quite that long...almost, though, that's for sure. And then I got more than  half way, and finished, because I was no longer a fan of the colour.

This time, though, can't go wrong with black.

More information to come shortly.

....and  no, that's not a bad picture (well it is, but let me explain), that's glitter you see.

Again, more information shortly.

xoxo, Jess (who always does this, doesn't she)

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