Monday, January 21, 2013

Well That Did Not Go As Planned

Ohhhh goodness, Internets, today has been a day. Let's not get into the details, because I want this to be a happy place, but let's just settle with the fact that today has grueling. And move on.

There is a lovely blog I follow, A Thrifty Mrs, that is having a nice series on Organisation. Today, *day 5* was about the bathroom. And how to think about where you put things, instead of just putting them where they fit.
Our bathroom is, well, D's bathroom, that I have some space in. It really is. That's how it goes moving into someone else's house, so I've been told. There are things in there that I don't know how they belong (belonged) to, and I'm fairly certain I don't want to know. Nor do I really want to know how long they've been in there!
So, I decided to tell D that the Internets (yes, you dear) were telling me to take everything out of the bathroom. Because that's what Thrifty Mrs said to do. Take it all out and decide if it's something you actually need to do. For some reason, that was silly to D. So, needless to say, everything did not come out of the bathroom as planned.
I did however make do with what I figured was acceptable for the time being.

We started out with this.

No clue why there is a screwdriver there. Nor why it's on my side of the sink.

...yes that is a wire coathanger. No I do not know why it was in the cupboard under the sink.

D's side off the sink. Screwdriverless.
This is all I really worked with. There are also two drawers and two more cupboards. One drawer is D's, with random shaver bits in it. The drawer on my side had...things that belong to people no longer here. Which I chucked. As with the things in my side of the cupboard that weren't mine (goodbye old and random almost empty bottle of shampoo!).

So, with an empty drawer, all my hair stuff is inside.

With the label from my hair dye inside as well - so I can't forget when it comes time to re-do the colour!
That left the counter nice and almost empty. Moved the medicines from both sides of the counter to their respective cupboards. And proceeded to rearrange my side based on what was used most frequently.

The pink-ish flowery cup holds hair-ties and bobbypins - for easy use and removal. And it's pretty, and why not have pretty things in use? I don't remember which vintage store I got it at, but it claims to be hand-painted from Japan. It is very iridescent in the inside, and the flowers do look hand-painted, but all I care about is it's pretty and serves a good purpose.
My makeup bag (top shelf in the cupboard) is far too large, I really need to downsize, but like the stripes on this one too much!

And I'll share D's side of the counter, so he doesn't feel left out.

Much better.

I have a feeling, if I tried the coffee-table-under-parts I'd get the same reaction.

I do, however, suggest (if you're not already!) tuning into Thrifty Mrs' series if you have the chance. Like I said, she's only on day 5, and she's very good at what she does. It's called "15 Days to an Organised New You" and I think you will like it (she's also on Pinterest!)!

my results of bathroom organisation tut

xoxo, Jess (who really doesn't want to know what is in the bathroom cupboards anyway, she supposes)


  1. Is the wire hanger perhaps toilet-clog-related? 'Cos that's what the wire
    under our bathroom sink is for...yuk...that's my helpful tidbit of the day. :D

    Nothing is better than a tidy bathroom. Well done.

    1. I'm thinking more so for the shower really, when I first started coming over, heard a few talks about that getting all plugged up. That's my uneducated guess. I am not sure how a coat hanger would help a toilet, though...then again, probably something I have no true desire to know!
      Thank you so much for stopping by - you are one of my favourite crafty ladies! :D