Sunday, January 20, 2013

Not At All what I Was Looking For!

This morning, Internets, we got up and decided to go to Portland Flea. And, sadly, it is not nearly as awesome as their Facebook page led them to be. I had been following them for a little over a month (missed the last sale) and wanted to go to the one today. So, we went. And it was tragically terrible.
I dunno what it was, in actuality, but it was not at all very vintage-y,  and there were more handmade wares and magazines than anything. Which is fine, but not what I'm after at the moment. We went in, wandered for about ten minutes, and left, rather disappointed.
Afterwards,  we went up to Hawthorne, but took the backwards scenic route to get there, even though it was really only a few blocks away.

I have never taken a picture of this sign before, so figured I ought while it was rather close. And yes, this year his nose was bright red at Christmas time. It is adorable at Christmas, looks like Rudolph!!
And we drove through (what I hope was only part of) China Town. It wasn't very big, and it seemed pretty small, so I'm hoping there's more of it lurking around that we didn't see. The street signs have Chinese on top of them! And red light posts!

We went to the Goodwill Boutique, which is highly overpriced, but rather good quality (almost new things, but at almost new prices, too). I got a jacket, seeing as it was rather cold, which I will get to shortly.
We went to another vintage-store. Clothing, though, called Red Light Clothing Exchange. The outside seemed like it would be awesome. The inside was, well, depressing. I'm not sure how much bad 80's floral print I saw in there, but it was more than one person should see in one go, that's for sure. There wasn't really anything that was life-changing, even though their Google Reviews are awesome. I'm not after 80's. 70's is even pushing it sometimes. But it was just a let down. Honestly, I got tired of looking - that much floral!

We had to wander a bit before getting into Red Light Clothing Exchange, because it didn't open until noon,  and we were done with Portland Flea by 10:30, so we ended up in the Goodwill, in a guitar store, the Fred Meyer, and just wandering around the streets.

I'm not sure why I decided that a shadow picture would be good, but I'm glad I tried it, I'm rather fond of it. There aren't many pictures of the both of us, and this doesn't exactly count, it's close!

Speaking of new jackets - this be it.

And, once  we got home, I set up office in the bedroom and took a few more pictures, just for good measure.

I decided this is just going to be my go-to hair-do for the moment. Three bobby pins and a crazy amount of hairspray for how much hair is involved, but it's something better than just a side-part.

Apparently, this is a bad colour to photograph. It's almost an army-green, really, but looks very grey here. But it's not grey. It's green. And very soft. Like a good sweatshirt, but a jacket instead! There are a jillion pockets, and there's a hood that zips on and off. Was very overpriced, seeing as it was from the Goodwill (Boutique or not, ridiculous prices!) but a good sturdy jacket.

Overall, not a terrible excursion, but not at all what was expected. Sometimes that's how it goes. Right, Internets?

xoxo, Jess (who is still looking for some good shoes - so many stores, so few shoes in her size)

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