Saturday, January 12, 2013

What We Did In The Frigid-Aire

Ohhhh Internets. How very exciting! We went and shot D's new gun! Yay! We went up to his parents' house that is out in the middle of nowhere in Washington, and we were able to literally shoot off the back of the porch.
I kid you not.
I would post pictures of D, since I have a lot of those, and most of them turned out, but I'm holding out that he will get off his butt and start his own Internets-tapping. So, instead, I'll use the pictures he took of me. That's how this works, right? He can use mine, I can use his, fair trade.

The first two pictures are of shooting the Beretta, and the fourth is shooting one of D's step-dad's guns, a .22 something or other.  Little pistol-type thing that takes a .22 bullet, which I always thought was for shotgun type things. But that shows what I know about all of this!

It was fun. And it was cold. And I'm a terrible shot. I promise.
But that about sums it up. Lots of big bangs
The dog was very very scared, and he hid in the house the whole time. When we would come back in, he would curl up with me on  the couch all shakin' and scared like. I tried to take pictures of that, too, but the little bugger wouldn't let me take my hands off him without wiggling!

xoxo, Jess (who happened to be colour coordinated - red hair, red jacket, red ear-protection...Yes, that was entirely planned, we'll pretend that's the case!)

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