Sunday, January 13, 2013

Plottings and Such

Dear Internets. You and I, we have a funny relationship. You give me hours of entertainment when I don't want it, and when I can't think of anything to do and what to find awesome things, there's not much.
Such is how it goes, I suppose.

Today is the last day of our vacation. And for that, I am very depressed. Yes, not just sad, but depressed. I don't like my job, very much so dislike it, and there's always so many things else-wise I would like to be doing! How much I would enjoy to be able to do creative things and still have a place to live! But right now, that is out of the question. We are tying, D and I, to save up money to buy a house, and that requires a regular income, which terrible-job gives me (sort of). So, tomorrow, I will be back, and it will be sad, and I'll be plotting all the things I would rather be doing the whole day long.

However, there is some hope. If I take all of my plottings, and finally finally finally get down to doing them...well, let's just start there and see where we end up.

First things first, though. The blanket I started for one of my coworkers, that needs to be done. It's slow going. Not because it's a slow pattern, but because I haven't done much with it since I started.
It's 28 inches square at the moment. I plan on making it standard throw size, 40x60, so I'm almost done with the square part. After it gets to be 40 inches square, I'm going to continue up for the next 20 inches, and then do a border to go around, to hide all the pesky ends (that you can see hanging off the left side in the second picture).

This ought to be first priority, it will be a quick job. Just need to get to it. And that's that.

xoxo, Jess (penguin & polar bear sheets and all)

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