Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Evening Plans

Tonight, I am plotting.
Of course.
And will be continuing along the path of the geekery.

I do, however, have a the March issue of Country Living sitting in front of me, and I will hopefully peruse the contents and *hopefully* will be able to find some lovely things to get excited about.

It's been far too long since I've felt crafty. Really it is.
It's only been two weeks or so, but it's killing me. The lack of coloured things floating about my brain is tremendous.
Such is how this life goes, I suppose.

After a lovely dinner out of Mexican food (no, this hasn't happened yet, but 99% of the time, the restaurant we go to is lovely) I will be coming home and tappity-tapping here and there with Code Academy again.
Because that's just how it goes.


xoxo, Jess (who is rather fond of the giant cross stitch on the cover of Country Living. Kinda want one)


  1. I haven't done anything crafty in ages either. I must. Enjoy dinner. Sounds delish.

    1. Must. If you haven't seen the delightfulness that is Dottie Angel, I highly recommend it. At the end of her blogger page, she has a lovely image that suggest one should feel crafty at least twice a day. If only it were that easy! :)

  2. Well, you're seeking inspiration. That's the first step ;) Right now I am on inspiration overload and am trying desperately not to start any new projects until I complete some of the current ones! Mexican dinner sounds wonderful ~ I hope you enjoyed it. P.S. I love that you so gracefully embrace geekery and craftiness ~ we have some of each in my family but only one or two that are able to do both!)

    1. It's almost a daunting step, really! There's so much out there, but nothing to pick! Which makes no sense, I know, but just how it's going as of late.
      I dunno about gracefully, I just do whatever sounds best at the time. Plus, there is also the idea that eventually, once all the basics are learned...code can be art.
      I read somewhere recently that code is art that you can interact with other people through. :)