Tuesday, February 19, 2013

And Again.

Please excuse the extended absences. Again, I tell you, it's not on purpose. I really just haven't been doing anything colourful, nor crafty, nor anything of the like lately.
Really. Fact.

We've rearranged the living room, though, so both our desks are out here. We face opposite directions, which is weird, but can both turn around and be right in each others faces, so it's kinda silly.
Still need my own monitor, though. And to fix my desk, so it doesn't have a funny tri-level bit of business going on. D's desk looks awfully empty having only one monitor on it. Makes me sad for him.

I'm in the process of learning Python, thanks to Learn Code The Hard Way. So far so good. I'm on the giant review part in lesson 22 right now. Basically, taking a few days off of actual exercises and just reviewing and making sure that everything that has been used so far is memorized.
Also, over at Codeacademy I'm trying to refresh my HTML/CSS knowledge base. Because, well, why not.

Do I have plans for any of this?
No freaking way.
Am I super excited to be learning it?
Hell yes.

Such is life in the DAMnation. Isn't it?

xoxo, Jess (who, on a side note, highly recommends the Java Monster Irish Blend coffee drinks, if you are able to consume (and find!) such a lovely drink. It truly is delicious)


  1. I'm like you. Extended absences! Hmm. One day I'll catch up!