Friday, December 28, 2012

Finally, a look in her kitchen

Internets, I grew up with this as the mixing bowl of the house.
Image from Flickr - not my own image

And it was lovely. I was not, however, aware of how lovely this bowl was. It's what we had, what I knew. A sturdy bowl you could stir and stir in and it was heavy and it was great. And green! Lots of banana bread was made thanks to this bowl.
And it's Pyrex. Vintage Pyrex, from what I understand now. I honestly wish I had this bowl. I think my dad may still have it. I hope so. Someone should. Sadly, it isn't me.

I, however, have started my own Pyrex collection. Old Pyrex. Not the new clear stuff. Clear is nice, sure, but who wants a clear kitchen, internets? I dunno!

So, let me share my little collection. Some of it is Corningware, and some is Corelle, but it's all in that vintage fashion, and the sturdy stuff. Allegedly, the new Corelle isn't nearly as awesome, it will break when you drop it...the old stuff never will. And I have some of it in my house. Which makes me uber-happy.

Internets, here we have, my tiny little collection of old kitcheny goodness.
Actually, no clue what this cup is, but I liked the flowers, and the handle is in a heart-shape, perfect for holding, and it actually currently holds jewelery on my desk.

Corelle, and awesomely vintage. With the orange and green and yellow, but in that great 70's way. It makes me happy. All it's missing is the matching set!

I kid you not, I got all this in three different purchases. The cups first, then the plates, then the little rectangle bowl-deal. The plates and cups are Corelle, and the bowl-deal is Pyrex. Explain that one!

No clue what this actually is, but the pattern is an exact match, you see, so I had to have it. Eventually, I would like to have tea with someone special with those cups, and put little delicious things on those plates and something great in this bowl. Lofty plans for dinnerware, eh?

Corningware, and I'm not sure how much I like it, but the flowers  made me happy, so home it came.

Not even close to Pyrex, no, but from the 50's and in perfect condition. It's a sugar-for-coffee type of device.

The cookbook was actually a gift for my 18th birthday, way before I started collection vintage anything.

My first with a lid! And I love the funky orange colour. Orange is my favourite.

And you know what, no, internets, this isn't all in my kitchen. Most of it is. The matching Corelle is hanging out in the living room. The red flower cup is in the bedroom. And it's all just kinda shoved in a corner of the kitchen! Shame on me, I know! No, really, it's terrible.

We are planning on buying a house (hopefully this year) and I've been promised a bedroom. For whatever I so choose to put in it. Well, all this will go in it. And more. Oh the ideas I have, you have no clue internets. Well, you will, eventually, I promise.

However, I would also like to actually use some of these things! It's not crazy, really, this stuff was made to last forever, why could I not use it?!
Exactly, that's what I said! Why not use it!

So, eventually, I will have tea in those yellow-ish-orange-ish cups and I will have some delicious noodles or something in that white-with-green-flowers bowl, and there might even be something served upon the green-orange-yellow serving plate.

Someday. A girl can have dreams, right?

xoxo, Jess (who wishes every day for that damned green bowl she grew up with)

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