Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thrifting Goodness

Dear internets, I am crocheting. Yes, you heard me. I've had a few days off, and that's fair, I suppose, and am back at it. The dishes are in the dishwasher, swishing away, and the laundry is getting dry (very slowly, shall we say) in the dryer. The DIY Network is on the television, and I'm parked on the couch crocheting.

I'm working on a blanket for a coworker. She's having a rough time of things, and she's supposed to be going to a different location soon - they've told her she's an in for management. That was in June. It's almost January, now, and she's still here. It's stressful for her, and there's lots of other aspects of life right now that aren't going too well. So, I asked her if I could make her a blanket. She agreed, and asked for either colours for The Blazers (basketball) or The Giants (football). Since I'd rather look at red and black than white and blue, Blazers it is.

It's a granny stripe, but different. There's a regular 4-round granny in the corner, and then you go in the stripey way around two of the sides of the square. Thank you Lion Brand patterns, because this is super simple, yet won't grow exponentially like a regular granny square will. Also, pattern link here.

However, internets, Friday was rather productive. There was no work for the day, so I was able to go to a lovely place everyone should try if they have not done so - Goodwill.
It's a good store. If you don't mind digging a bit. There are some good things to be had amongst all the weirdly coloured shirts and odd-ball dinnerware.

I was actually successful, for once. Most of the time I'm only slightly successful, cannot find what I want, but something intriguing at least. I found a few things I was after, however did not find a good skirt nor pair of pants. Well, I take that back. I didn't find good capris. I found a pair of pants, and bought said pair of pants, to get home and find out I'm exactly 5 pounds too fat for them! They button and zip up, but not all too flatteringly!

The shirts I bought, though? Delightful. None of them vintage, but they have a certain happy-go-lucky-yet-adult look to them, which is one of the things that draws me to the vintage style anyway.

I also found a waist-length sweater/cardigan, that has a very low v-neck and buttons and tiny little square pockets on the front, but it's a dark grey colour, which made it very hard to photograph. I tried, but there was no telling to any detail, just a blob of grey on my frame. So, that was also had, but not pictured here.

I also got some sewing patterns. Because I'm going to learn to sew, don't you know. And no, internets, no matter how much I pretend, I do *not* know how to sew. I can feed fabric through a machine, and there will be a seam, and there might even be two pieces of fabric held together, but I cannot sew. I am going to learn. Taxes will be processed, and whatever (if anything) I get in return, will go for a sewing machine. Well, hopefully not all of the return, but you understand internets, don't you?

There's the retro patterns on the right, that I desperately need, and then the ones on the right, flowy long dresses and some shorter and very bright and airy. If I end up sewing well enough, and can find a good fabric, I may end up making my own wedding dress!

But don't tell D, alright internets? He cannot know yet. Not until I get the machine. It'll be our secret.

I'm off to work on the blanket, dear internets, and until we meet again, I'll keep you in mind.

xoxo, Jess (who cannot believe she thought the thought of making her own wedding dress, squee!)

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