Sunday, December 30, 2012


Internets, why is it so hard to decide things to eat for dinner? We have such trouble with this. Sometimes the though process is excruciating. No really! Tonight, we had ice cream for dinner. And Hawaiian sweet bread. Delicious, but nowhere near a real dinner - and some would claim that it's not healthy. But again, have to keep the girlish figure somehow! Erm,  yes, that's my excuse. "Girlish" figure implies a few extra pounds, right? ...internets? Right?
Nah, I don't mind being a few pounds overweight, it doesn't bother me. I'm overall healthy - heck, Friday I walked probably 8 miles or so? Possibly more, honestly, and I felt super sore Saturday, but not in a I-can't-move-way, just in a ooo-it's-been-a-few-too-many-days-since-I-was-this-self-mobile. I don't drive, so I rely on public transportation (bleh) and walking (first choice).

Anyway, back to choosing dinner.

We suck at it.

This is probably part of the reason.

Can you see anything decent in there?! Heck, I can  hardly find things in there sometime. And yes, I have a bottle of wine with a red sparkly label in the door. It's not bad - and I don't even really like wine!

But, it was time to clear things out. There were a few too many old items hiding away in the back, and a few too many dead condiments hanging about.
So, I chucked a bit.

Yes, my wine stayed!

This is, however, the current state of my fridge. And this is also why we can never decide what to eat - there isn't actually anything to eat in there!
We have a freezer full of hand-me-down meat (D's mom became a vegan over the summer, and she gave us all the meat they had), but no idea what to use it for.

Internets, how do normal people decide what to eat?!?! Because we are terrible at trying to figure it out!
I must do some searching, figure out how people meal-plan. I understand the concept of the planning - really, we did it when I was growing up - but that was with other adults picking what to eat! Now that I'm the adult, I'm lost!

I will be doing some searching in the next few days, and will let you know what I turn up, internets.
In the mean time, feel comforted that the three bottles of year and a half old pancake syrup D had before I moved in are now history!

xoxo, Jess (who loves to cook, but never knows what to procure!)

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