Monday, December 31, 2012

Not What You Were Expecting, Eh?

Oh hello, I'm sure you'll be expecting the turn out of the searching for meal-planning things, correct?
Well, let's be honest Internets, all I've really got is four Pinterest links (yes, I'm resorting to Pinterest to store links, shame on me) and two bookmarks for recipes on my phone. The beauty of the Pinterest links, though, is I can view them anywhere I am - be it on the desktop or on-the-go, with their Android App. By the way, what I've found and pinned can be found here:
And no seriously, that was all found while I was in bed, allegedly sleeping. Nah, I was in bed, D was  sleepin, and I was wide awake. So what does a girl do? Get on her smart phone and google. Obviously. I can't stay away from you, can I internets.

We aren't going grocery shopping anytime soon, I assure you, and I told D, and he needs a few days to think about what he would want, anyway. I told you about the "dunno what to eatttttt" thing, right? Yeah, we're verrryyy good at it.

I do, however, want to share something else, that's been on my back burner for well over a week now - shame on me.

A kitchen trolley! Ya! I know! Other than my kitchen is far too small for it. It will be a craft station, when it finally gets its last coat of paint. In the mean time, I will share some before pictures, and hopefully in the next few days can bring forth some completion pictures.

I was *not* looking for furniture, but it caught my eye as I walked down the aisle! And no, I did not pay 48$ for it - this is the store I work in, so an employee discount was used, thank goodness.

Smart enough on my end, I did not take pictures of it while it was put together upside down. I got it all together but the top only to realize I was looking at holes for the wheels to go into instead of holes for the top to go into! I have not, admittedly, put much furniture together in my day.

These are my paint colours of choice, and a damask scrapbook paper that I'm coordinating with it. On the cheap from Michael's - which can be a lovely and terrible store all at the same time.

I just love the way the oranges come together in this - it almost looks like it has texture, but it does not, sadly. Wouldn't that be awesome, though?!?!

And that, Internets, is really all I have to show of it for now. It's got a lot of paint on it, but of course I skipped taking any in-between pictures. I've only got the handled-parts of the top left at this point to do up, and just need to get them done and viola, trolley!
But until then, I will let you guess as to what I put where. And what we did with the papers!

It will be a Happy New Year, won't it? I certainly hope so!
I keep forgetting that's here, and I'm not sure why. Get so caught up in Christmas, only to forget there's another holiday right afterward!
So,  Happy New Year to you all, and a lovely 2013 to you! Hopefully we can all be a little happier, a little more crafty, and a lot more fabulous! Because, really, who doesn't want these things! I sure do!

xoxo, Jess (who really truly wishes each and every person a great 2013 - right now, we all deserve it)

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