Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

Internets, I have a feeling everyone is going to be doing one of these posts. And rightly so. If you tell you, dear internets, there might be someone to hold you accountable. If you just write it down in a diary, who's to say you are even doing anything, let alone that you made any resolutions aside from "come up with some resolutions for the new year".

However, there is nothing wrong with posting your resolutions on your faces, Internets, is there? I don't think so. I suppose it's a bit...self-important, to make everyone read your list of resolutions, it's a bit like saying "look at me, look how I plan on improving myself!" and who likes those people, right?

I don't want to do that. I want  to...just keep up with things.
I'm a great starter.
And then I tend to branch off into  five other things. And leave lots of things started.
There are piles about my house to prove it.
I can show them all to you, but we'd have a post of piles. Actually, that might be a good plan! Remember, Internets, how I told you about slowly easing your way in, start with the bad, then work your way up to the good. Let's do that.
Yes. The piles.
Please hold while I run around like a crazy woman taking pictures of them all while D will undoubtedly ask what I'm doing and I will hurriedly tell him "nothing, nothing, ain't doin anything". It is our way.

...I promise I literally did what just happened. This isn't even pretending I have a strange life. This is real. I was typing, and I got up and took the phone, and took pictures. And D did ask me what I was taking pictures of, and I told him "nothing, I dunno what you're talking about". Again, it's our way.

Yup. That's them.

First is by the couch. One finished blanket. Yarn for two started blankets. A Mollie Makes magazine (which I need to get more of!), multiple shopping bags what ought to be holding the things that are out here, and just overall mess.

Second, my desk. Remember how I started cleaning the desk? Yeah, and then I cleaned the closet. So this is as far as the desk got.

Third, the table under the printer. Which is right as you come in the door. The pink thing at the bottom is not my fault! It's the dog's toy. And the desk chair gets moved around as D's desk is right in front of the heater, so we move the chair so it won't melt. I have at least 3 bags of yarn under there. Two boxes of tea. Multiple shoes. A bag of Christmas stuff I need to put away. Well, it has like three things in it that I need to set aside for later projects. Yeah it's a mess.

Lastly, well, this is actually right next to the third pile. This fourth is just thrifting stuff, really. But it's all stuff that has yet to find a home. And it's all right in front of the DVD shelf and LEGO shelf. Oh! I will have to show you the LEGO shelf some time!

So, this is where we start. And we need to end up, well, with a functioning living room!
I'm a great starter. I start lots of things. I very seldom finish them. I assure you. It's true.

Internets, let this be the year of finishing things. Let 2013 be the start of something awesome, and let Jessica *finish* something! Well, hopefully more than one thing!

xoxo, Jess (who really wants to be successful at this. It's not asking too much, is it?)


  1. Good luck. All I can say is that the feeling of freedom sorting gives you is amazing. Gently gently is the way. Little by little and if it pains you to let something go move it to the adage and wait. After 6 months you will wonder "what's in the bag?) It will not be hard to send to the charity shop then.

    1. Sorting is awesome, I agree entirely!! It's just the matter of then deciding where it ought to go! A small cramped apartment is not suitable for a girl like me, who wants everything displayed! But yes, setting things aside and forgetting about them...best way to decide they are no longer needed. I do that often, and it works! Thanks so much for commenting! xoxo, Jess

  2. You may start lots of things but look there right at the beginning of your list of Piles, there is a finished blanket! You did it! It looks like we both will be starting on our sewing journey this year. I think sharing your aims to t'internets (you have to add a t' in the north of the UK. Find Peter Kay the comedian on t'internets, he will tell you all about it) helps to get you motivated. Like a WWW self help group. And I'm there with ya! Thanks for finding my blog x K

    1. One finished blanket in a pile of three blankets is not quite a lot of progress! But you are indeed correct, it's a start!
      Off to Google for this Peter Kay of which you speak, by the way!
      Thanks so much for commenting dear - "t'internets" truly are a good motivation! xoxo, Jess