Friday, January 18, 2013

Bad Starting Points

Oh dear, Internets, oh dear indeed.
Mentioning the forgotten thread last night made me think about how much yarn I *actually* had. I promptly got up, camera in hand, and took pictures of where it all is.

The term "stash" is used a lot in regards to yarn (and craft supplies of all sorts), but it really is the correct term for me. I have it "stashed" about the house in so many places. It's rather, erm, messy, and scattered. There is some of it I don't even remember what the intended project was!
I try to buy yarn only when I have a project in mind, and tend to stick to that, but hardly ever are these projects finished...let me show you.
The only drawer *not* full of yarn is the red one!!

This is not including the pink and two cream ones in the living room!

Yes, that is some crocheted bits still attached to skein (happens often) and yes it is hiding in with the sheets!

This applies to the picture below.

Ten gallons of yarn, in  theory. And yes, it's in bags, to keep started projects together. Do I know what they are? Probably not!

Top drawer of the dresser I talked about over vacation. Left over bits of the blanket for my soon-to-be-mother-in-law, and a few other ideas that I started on and abandoned.

Yes, this is a duffel bag. And yes it contains two separate blanket projects. One is almost done, even, and yet I haven't touched it in months!

This is in the living room. Top left is the red and black blanket, top right is for the star blanket I don't think I've told you about, and the bottom is for a moose, that I started on Christmas and haven't, also, touched since. I tend to do that!

Bits of the star blanket, and a ripple I started (and sort of fell out of love with) over the summer. This is a reusable shopping tote, and it is packed full, I assure you!

Yes, I think that is all. Of it, I mean, the yarn.
Internets, I have a problem. I am a starter, and not a finisher.
The plan is, some point in the very near future, at least get some sort of system going, other than what made sense at the time (which it still does, just not well).

Dears, what is the best way to organize yarn?!?!

xoxo, Jess (who just can't have enough, apparently!)


  1. How about a bookshelf with 9 squares, baskets in each square and sort it by colours so it looks pretty and you know where all your colours are!

    Time to use or swap stash!!

    1. Oooo, I like that! We had similar plans (when we were planning on moving over the summer last year) but they kind of fell through (because we didn't move). Space is limited, hence it's strewn about. But I have a feeling I'm just going to be getting rid of some bigger furnitures, and some squares may be in order!
      And yes, it is definitely time to start using up the stash. I have some plans, but they've also been a long time coming as it is!!