Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sad Things And Some Strange Wins

Internets, I forgot to get more thread tonight after work. I need more. Not that I got through a whole spindle (are they called spindles? I'm not sure). But I wanted to double up the thread - for heavier yet still lacy - instead of getting a larger string, just use two little ones! It's worked well in the past. I promise.

Also, dinner looked like mush. No really! But I've heard it was delicious.
You know how I was supposed to start a meal-planning activity of sorts? Well, this week we've been winging it. And just deciding at eating.
Monday was tacos. Tuesday was macaroni and cheese with hot dogs and garlic bread. Wednesday was chili (with hot dogs again!) and cornbread. And tonight was mush-looking.
Erm, it's delicious, though! If you get past the sickly pale colour.
Chicken, all cut up and cooked (seasoned to your liking - I like onion, garlic, red pepper flakes, and Tapatio sauce).
White Rice, all cooked up following regular directions.
And a can of condensed cream of mushroom soup. The little cans, not the family size. This you leave uncooked.
Then, when the chicken and rice is done, put in a baking dish, add soup, mix together, and bake for ten-ish minutes at 200 degrees or so. You can guess, I promise.
And that was dinner, and I was told it was good. Not that pleasing to the eye, but good.

This is something I grew up eating, even, and had entirely forgot about it until last night, shame on me!

I will leave you with that, I suppose, seeing as my new projects of sorts are on halt for the evening. I need to go work on the red and black blanket. Should probably do some dishes, but that doesn't sound fun!

Oh, and this.

Yeah, that's a canning jar.
Yeah, that's a lid to drink out of on it.
And yeah, everyone says it reminds them of a sippy cup. But it is the most delightful way to drink your coffee. I promise. 

xoxo, Jess (one more day...and then the weekend shall be hers!) 


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