Saturday, January 19, 2013

Now, We're Out Of Monies

The thread was acquired, dear Internets, and we started in this morning while D was still asleep.
Such is how the weekends off go - I'm up first most of the time. I then stay up for a bit, and crawl back in bed, hoping to wake him up.
Most of the time, though, he is not to be bothered with the idea of "getting up" and I end up falling back asleep as well. Let's not mention the time we were finally both out of bed, but it is a very unlovely time to be finally getting up.
Either way, things were a'started this morning, and we're not very far, but it's coming along.
Yes, it's resting on my laptop. So, no, it is not very large yet.
I had no intentions of it fanning up at the top, I originally wanted it to be straight. However, I think this will work out. And considering it won't be laying down, per-say, a non-straight edge will be just fine. Not only a few more miles of thread to go! Nah, just kidding, but it will be a few days before it's done.

Now, I started this morning, but did not work on it all day, because we were out and about. Had intentions of buying only work shoes.

And work shoes were bought.

But, for some reason, the middle of January calls for "40% off lowest marked price" clearance sales. Who thought this was alright? And yes, the swimsuits are out in full swing - and already on sale! Craziness!
Either way, sales were shopped.
I finally got a good fitting (perfect fitting, if I do say so myself) grey pair of pants. Very trouser-y, and I am in love. Very warm, as well, added plus! And a belt! One of the skinny-varieties, and it is a grey colour, as well. Grey goes with everything, really, and not as dark and dreary as black.
Shirts were also acquired.

It is a bit hard to tell, but it's more of a blue than a green. And yes, it is a sort-of-see-through zebra print! There were all sorts of colours and there was either zebra or leopard, but this one stuck out the most. Well, that and the neon yellow, but that didn't come home with me, sadly.

Another mesh-ish top. But a white t-shirt variety, and of roses instead of zebra.

I love these, really, simply because they could go with anything. And I have so many tank-tops, and now two more things to wear with them!

A long dark grey cardigan was also purchased. Nothing very fancy. Long neckline, buttons, and cute little square pockets on the front. I have a feeling pictures will be taken once it is actually worn with something.
Worn with something summery! It kills me that all the things I want to wear right now are summer items when it's literally 35 degrees outside and therefore unwearable. Sad indeed.

xoxo, Jess (who really hopes to get to go out tomorrow, just to wear that cardigan!)

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