Thursday, January 3, 2013

Future Projects Unplanned

I have some textiles to show you, Internets.
First, some tea towels I bought off eBay (first eBay purchase ever, I am so proud).

It's a matching set. They claim to be Irish Linen. And they are lovely. Very heavy. I'm not a big fan of the beige, but you know, the huge floral image makes up for it immensely. They are giant, the towels, and I love the green/orange/yellow mix it has. I'm pulled to it, it's very 70's. No, that's not my favorite time, I assure you, but they had some lovely things going on then.

Secondly, two pillow cases I found at Goodwill a few years back - part of one of the "piles" I showed you a few days ago.

It's a bit hard to see,  but they are more of a very pale yellow colour than a white, overall, and then of course the yellow roses. I was drawn to them, simply because of the yellow roses! So I bought them. And considering they were 3$ or so, why not?
One has a nasty gash along almost a whole side, however it is right near the seam, so if I wanted to just keep them as pillow cases, easy fix. If I wanted to use them for something else, one less seam to rip!

For both of these, I have nooooo idea what I'm going to use them for. But I like them. I was drawn to them. So they came home with me (or mailed home to me, either way!).
Eventually, I'll have an ah-ha moment, you know Internets, and lovely things will come of them. Until that time, I will admire them.

Plus, I should probably wait until I have a sewing machine. I have a feeling that will be awfully helpful to get these textile dreams a'movin.
Also, who doesn't like the idea of a future possible project?! It makes me squirm inside - having things and not knowing quite what to do with them. But a good squirm - excited, not uncomfortable.

xoxo, Jess (who wants more tea towels. Never too many tea towels)

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