Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Things One Can Do!

Internets, you would be so very proud of me. No really!
I went, last night, from this:
To this:
Thanks to this:
Yes, dear internets, I have dyed my hair. Well, it got dyed. By D, actually. He's done these things before, and I have not. Until now! I have red hair! It's actually a very dark red, which is good. I'm rather fond of it. No really! It's quite lovely!
I honestly wouldn't mind keeping it this colour. It suits my personality a bit more than my natural blonde does, anyway.

My first crazy act of 2013 - dying my hair. We, however, decided against cutting my hair into Bettie Page-esque fringe. I would love to have it someday, but my hair is rather thin, and in order for it to look right it would require a lot of primping that I am not quite ready to do.
So, I am fringeless for now.

But my hair is red! Oh I'm so excited Internets, you don't even know!

I have not yet started the meal planning. I know, shame on me. I discussed with D, and we are actually on vacation next week - and because of that we won't be eating home-cooked foods (except for possibly at his parents' house) often enough to warrant going grocery shopping this week.
However! I have managed to cook the past two nights! No really! First was spaghetti, with deer pepperoni meat, I think he said it was? It was good stuff either way. With Safeway-bought garlic bread, delicious. Last night was fake nachos. Which means there was a can of chili, some shredded pepperjack cheese, some cream cheese, and a lot of Tapatio sauce all heated up and melty with tortilla chips. It's not fancy, but I assure you it works up like a charm, in about ten minutes (even faster if you're good at grating cheese - I am not).
Tonight, I'm not sure what we are going to eat, but I do need to do dishes so I can at least have clean plans to make...something...with!!

And, the kitchen trolley.
Internets, it is done. I'm going to let it show itself off.

So, I apologize, the top really is a lovely peach colour. Not whatever colour you wanna call that off-pink-whiteness it's got there. There's clear contact paper on the top and the second shelf - holding the damask print paper down, and that way I can clean it off if I get it messy. Because I will get it messy. I'm not sure how yet,  that's just the way things go around here.

Happy New Year, Internets. There's lots of lovely images going around Facebook and Pinterest about it being a New Year and people getting shit done. But there's one that has warmed the insides of my heart to near bursting.

Image Found Via Pinterest - Original Source (via Pinterest)

Some reason, Internets, it makes my heart burst just looking at it.
So many things I want to do, that I keep putting off for no apparent reason, other than a few "what if's" that end badly. Well, who cares if it ends badly. It's worse off not having tried at all!

xoxo, Jess (newly red-headed!)

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