Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Night Time Adornmentation

Last night, I got my W-2 form in the mail. However, tax returns will not be accepted until the 1st of February. So, I know what I'm doing Friday!
My plan, dear Internets, was to put allllll of  my tax return (however little it will be) into savings except for just enough to buy a sewing machine.
I've been dreaming for a sewing machine for well over a year now (the plan was to get one Christmas of '11, but that did not happen). The time just hasn't been right, there isn't really anywhere to put it (honestly) but I want it anyway. And I'm going to use it, even if it means I have to put it on my non-useful desk and hope all works out in the end.
I will have my sewing machine, gosh darnit!

I, however, am not sure at all which kind to get, so any suggestions would be lovely! Keep in mind, I would prefer cheap and sturdy, I don't need anything terribly fancy, just be able to stitch things up with a faster speed than hand-stitching!

I also have realized, I talk 'bout crochet every so often to you, dear Internets, yet I haven't shown you my most precious creations.
There's two of them.
And they are used everyday.
They are our bed blankets.

 This one was first. It's a giant granny square, and I think it took a little under two months to complete? Something like that, I can't remember exactly, but it was rather quick. This was also (I'm ashamed to say) my first successful granny square. I liked it, decided I'd continue, and then ended up with a blanket. Good deal, right?

This one took 6 weeks. It's a corner-to-corner afghan. I started it in the car when we went to Seattle in August, and continued with it after the trip was over. And ended up with a blanket. I had to do some adjusting, so I wouldn't end up with a square - because the directions are for a square - but I figured out if you get it to be as wide as you want, you just stop increasing, but don't decrease yet, and you end up with a rectangle. It's hard to explain, but if you know the process, it makes sense!

This is the current state of the blankets. We sleep with them every night - very nice especially since it's been so cold of late!

They're both made out of Red Heart "Soft", which can be a bit expensive, but I tried to buy it either on sale, or using the discount at my work (not a yarn store, sadly enough, but we have a small selection, that carries most of these colours). It's a lovely yarn - very soft and toasty - yet still acrylic, so it can be washed and thrown about and no worry about wear.
They are showing signs of love already, though. The yarn is pilling, and the ends are slowly becoming unwoven, but intact they are.
They get much love and (ab)use around here, and I'm rather fond of them indeed.

xoxo, Jess (who really is far too proud of these simple things) (erm, also, our bed is queen-sized - to get an idea of their size)

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