Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Some Dear Words - Of Which Are Not Mine.

Dear Lovely Internets. I promised you good things for today, did I not? I remember doing so. Therefore, I feel it fair to bring forth good things.
However, today has been a crappy day, and I don't want this place to be depressing, so let's not discuss. Let's just say it was a crappy day and there is no happy rainbow sunshiney things I could post that are of my own creation for the day.

I do, though, have a board on Pinterest that makes me happy in times like these.
It's my "Stop Tempting Me!!" board. Quotes and such that are intended to push one in a proper and happy direction. Some of them are fabulous, and some of them are, well, just a little kick in the pants!
It is one that makes me happy, one I need to read more often, to help get through the crappy days (however long they last, hopefully not long), and to just soak in for a while. Maybe you do too, Internets. So, we're going to share with you.

The whole board can be found here; and Internets, if I have not found your pinterests yet, please point me in your directions!

And my favourite things, are as follows.
Which I do believe I've already shared! But it still gives me a tickle in the heart.

It doesn't have to be red, per-say, I honestly prefer a more berryish colour, but the idea is still there!

Correct you are, little poster!
I don't imagine anything very fancy, but it is far from what is reality, let's just say that.
I also just realized that these are almost all green so far. Well, aqua. And no that is not on purpose, entirely by accident, but it is a most lovely colour, for sure. 

This last one pulls my heart strings every time I read it.  Because it is fact. Life isn't really very long, when you think about it. It may seem long, there are a few hours that seem like they take days, but overall...it's rather fast. I'm constantly realizing things aren't as recent as I seem to think they are.
Whatever it is you do, you are exchanging your time, your life, your breath and energy for it.
So it better be worth it.
And, heart strings pulled. Every time I think of this. 

Again, I would like to iterate, that these pictures are collected on a Pinterest board, and the links to the images are therein. 

xoxo, Jess (who is wishing)

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