Sunday, February 10, 2013

And This Is Not What I Wanted To Have Happen

So, absences. Indeed, Internets, this past week has been a not very fun one.
It's been full of work and work stresses. House stresses - more about that in a bit. Headaches on the regular. Strange week-long cases of the munchies for no apparent reason. And no, we are not pregnant in the DAMnation household, thank you very much.

There has been no creativity, sadly, no happy moments (except for today, which we will also get to later), and nothing exciting really.
I've scoured Pinterest a few times,and kept up on the blogs, just to be trying to find something. But, not much has come up really. Lots of things that are lovely, to be sure, but nothing that has set fire to my little creative bits.

It's rather depressing, yes, I know, and I don't mean to be a downer, just the brain has been on other subjects, and I'm not rather fond of it.

We've had house stresses. With tax returns coming back, and the hope of saving more money, we get to the ideas that it's going to be house-buying in the near future. Not very near, but near enough we finally need to get down to what we need to do.
We're not sure, at this point, which is correct. To get a loan first. Or to find a house to buy first. But at this point, we can do neither, so we are going to be calling upon family with houses for advice.

And today's excitement was that of D buying computer parts to build (another) computer. He has a laptop and a desktop (and a non-working server-ish thing), and now has the parts to build another. Since his old desktop is going to be a server. No clue what to be done with the non-working one, but that's his story not mine. But it's rather exciting, for sure.
This is something I would like to do, also (build a computer, that is), but it's not in the financial cards right now. So, it won't happen yet. I will be content with my old laptops, and wish for a money tree.

There are such things as money trees, right?!

xoxo, Jess (who really just needs to start something, and see where she gets with it, failure or not)


  1. Oh my, most certainly need to get something colorful and creative in your hands. And quickly! :) February is a very challenging month, I know ~ but do not get discouraged! But, if by chance, you do come across a money tree or two...I would be very open to meeting one! :)

    1. That's what I've been thinking!! It's not nice yet out but trying, and that's rather a bit of a let down. And there's nothing exciting going on (except for the Super Bowl (bleh) and Valentine's Day which we do not participate in). It's just a dreary month overall. I've been in the attempt of finding colourful things, but alas, the most I've gotten is a start on a travel bag and that was a few nights ago, with no progress since! Shame on me!
      Thanks so much for stopping by, I really appreciate it :)
      xoxo, Jess
      ps - if I find a money tree, will send you directions for sure!! :D