Friday, February 15, 2013

The Day After

Valentine's Day, dear Internets, was rather a weird day.
We are ill, you see, D and I, and so it wasn't fun from the beginning. My headaches are slowly getting worse, and if this continues I will have to go in. As much as I don't like saying that, I can no longer function correctly with these darn things, even though I hate doctors, they might have some nice medicines to try!
I had to walk home after work. Which isn't terrible. But not fun, either, especially since I was told that would be the case after we left the house - so there was no chance to get headphones to listen to music on the trek. It's 5.5 miles, takes about an hour and fourty five minutes. And all I have to hear is cars going by? Rather boring indeed!
But it had to be.
There was nothing romantic here. I brought home some Reese's Hearts (because who doesn't love chocolate and peanut butter), and we shared some. I shall be consuming the rest of them today, as I am home and D is working (my day off, for I work the weekend).
That was my Valentine's.

I certainly hope yours was filled with more chocolate and pink hearts!

I have been starting (ahh, again with the starting before finishing, I tell you) a new project, a travel bag. Something to pop things into and take along for who-knows-what. Something small, to take to work even maybe. And yet something sturdy to not have to worry if a plastic grocery bag will get a hole in it or not - because that really can ruin a day, I promise.
I believe I will be going to work on that here shortly. After the rest of the coffee has kicked in.

xoxo, Jess (who is rather not back into the creative spunk she can possess)


  1. I never do Valentine's as I never have anyone to spend it with so my day was rather humdrum. But peanut butter and chocolate is my new favourite taste so a minute eating those was surely something?

    1. Surely something indeed!! I feel that chocolate enjoyment is quite mandatory, single or married, or pleasantly whatever one may be (or unpleasantly). Indeed necessary. :)