Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sufficient Things

So, I'm supposed to be getting a fake "dressing room" in  our giant closet. It's slow goings. The other day, however, I got a little mirror in there, so there is progress! I am in need of a much nicer one, though. Something, err, larger.

Because however lovely it is, to find something halfway suitable for 1$, it is only halfway suitable. Actually, it's not even really anything good. But enough to pretend with for now.

I also had a nice revelation. Well, a continuation of a revelation.
Pretty dishware does not need to stay in the kitchen.
I have my cup of hair accessories in the bathroom - which is working out quite nicely, other than the bobby pins fall to the bottom while the elastics remain on top.
And now, we have a corningware in the closet!
Err, dressing room, not closet.

You see it here, holding my nail polish.
Granted, it's not on of my favourites. It has some pretty white, blue, and yellow floral stuff going on. It's just the right height, though, to hold and still be able to see the colours.
Oh, and the cup in the dish. That has jewelery.
Which I need to wear more often.

I need a bigger dresser. To put more stuff on.
And a light. Because the one in the closet is terrible.
And a great mirror. Of course they had the perfect thing at Ikea, but it sadly could not come home with us when we went.

xoxo, Jess (you seriously can never have too much vintage dishware, can you?)


  1. You need one of those hand things you can hang jewellery off

    1. I've always liked those! Except I lack enough to make it worth the while, sadly.

  2. Baby steps will get you your "boudoir"! I use dishes for stuff in my closet too. I found one of those crystal looking salad bowls with the silver rim at Sally Ann and it holds my bracelets nicely. Pins are stuffed into a little cushion stuck in a silver sugar bowl and lots more of my junk is on little trays - I think the trays used to hold matching cream and sugar bowls. I have a lot of jewelry but I don't wear it - I guess I just like to have it. Collector-itis at its best.

    1. But if its not being worn, it certainly needs a place to sit around and be pretty in!!