Saturday, February 2, 2013

Skirting The Issue

Today, Internets, I learned a few things.

1) When your mom says she wants pajamas for her birthday, and you suggest going out shopping for her (with her) for her birthday, she will indeed only have pajamas on her mind. The idea of looking at other clothes does not come to mind - even though they are still having their 40% off lowest marked price sale.

2) Telling you fiance that no it's fine, you stay at your cousin's house as long as you want apparently means stay forever, it's fine, I didn't want to go home any time soon anyway. Even though said fiance was more than willing to come home multiple times...saying that you don't want to take him away from family time is good enough reason of any to stay!

3) Taking pictures of black lace skirts 6:30 at night is not fun. Especially with the lighting in our apartment.

I got some rubbish pictures of a lovely skirt I got today. The length is perfect - and doesn't make me look short, which a lot of skirts do. The fit is great (thank goodness for elastic waistbands). Yes, that sounds terrible, doesn't it, but I can never (and more than likely never will) find any other kind of skirt that fits me properly.
It's got a very pale (skin-tone for me!) slip-type thing underneath, and over that is a lovely floral lace black skirt. I'm rather fond of it.

And yes, it twirls about properly. I tried!

Sadly, that is probably the best picture I got of it, to show how lovely it is. Please excuse the glare from the camera flash. It was very dark! I tried to cut most of it out, but the rings are still there. At least there's not a bright orb of light at the top anymore?

It really is a lovely thing. Very dainty for a not-very-dainty person!
Now the only issue is I am not sure I anything quite nice enough to wear with it! Oh well. It's time will come.

xoxo, Jess (who is waiting at home...hoping someone will have thought about dinner foods on their way home)

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