Friday, February 1, 2013

Butterfly Gold - And Now We Know!

Internets, I have a feeling a Corelle pattern is stalking me. No really!

Remember a few weeks ago, I posted a few plates, and the tea cups?
That yellow-flowery pattern. There were 3 large dinnerish plates, and one saladish sized plate.

Today, I was out and about and found another of the saladish sized plates. Just randomly amongst the plates and bowls and saucers in the Goodwill. Same store I got the other plates in, but still an amazing feat, don't you agree? This is some time later! Same pattern, same size, amazing.

Close up of the pattern, because it really is quite cute. A very silly colour, but I have a feeling it's a 70's pattern, based on the colour alone.

Now, remember I found a Pyrex square dish that had a very similar pattern?

Ya, that one. There is also a Pyrex that I've seen a few different times (and in a few different sizes) that is the exact opposite of this almost.
Never got one, because they were always at the vintage stores, and highly priced.
Well, not so much today.

Seriously, this is almost an exact negative of the Corelle. But it's Pyrex! No, no lid, but I have a lid to another orange piece, that would probably fit, if I was really interested in that.
And when we consider this was 1.99$ instead of at least 5 for the others I've seen (for the same size, even!), I couldn't really pass it up.

I really do like this pattern. If I could keep this up somehow, and end up with more of a set, that would be fantastic! I don't see that happening, but why not try?!

On a completely different note, I also found these tea cups. There were more than two at the store, but only got the two. No need for any more, really.

Very cute. Least to me.

Right now, actually, I've discovered (thanks to Google), that the yellow flowery Corelle pattern is Butterfly Gold and I'm fairly certain that's a good description. Other than the part about how it seems more flowery than butterfly-y to me, but oh well.
And the cups are Strawberry Sunday. And a set of four tea cups is on sale for 10.99$ on eBay right now. While I paid .99$ each for mine!

Gah, yes, I did a quick search and ended up on the Corelle website, with a list of all their discontinued patterns. Which I really ought to bookmark.

xoxo, Jess (who proclaims a love of Pyrex, but apparently is not too brand loyal after all)


  1. LOVE your finds! and fully appreciate the happy accidents of finding same pieces to same family at same store at different times. They were meant to be united! Thank you for visiting my blog ~ I see we share some of the same likes :)

    1. Thanks! :) I definitely feel they were meant to be united (even though they probably were to begin with, the store was just evil and split them up!). Even better they get to be united at my house, if you know what I mean!! Thanks for stopping by!